We want to help you get the best speakers. That are female. In tech. It's that easy.

Our Mission

We live in a time where tech conferences and events are better than ever and we are moving into times where we have women and men share the stage time. The latter, unfortunately, is still far from equal. A lot of the times when asking the simple question WHY the answer is just as simple - event and conference organizers can't find the talented women needed. So now, we are solving that problem. No more searching is needed. The women you need to make the next event not only great, but equal, is right here! Hooray! 

Our list contains some of the best names in the industry and our database allows you to easily search amongst titles, years of experience, fields, industries and key words. Choose to search, find and contact your speakers yourself or use our concierge service to get a list of recommended names delivered to you!